Episode 31 – REPLAY FRIDAY -Define Your Life with Denise Walsh on Change Your Story, Change Your Life with Louis Di Bianco

Show Notes

This week’s Replay Friday features Denise Walsh on the Change Your Story, Change Your Life podcast with actor, teacher, and writer Louis Di Bianco!

When it comes to living life on your own terms, you’re the only one you can count on to make your dreams happen.

Join me for an incredible discussion with Louis Di Bianco, who is currently using his podcast to teach people how to better reach people and expand your opportunities through effective storytelling.

Louis is a great interviewer, to say the least. We cover so many wonderful topics and hit on some key points that will have those sparks flying in your brain!

We cover:
• My transition from a career in mental health to full-time entrepreneur
• The Comparison Game and how it can hold you back
• Why living in your passion will lead you to THRIVE
• Why your ability to make friends is key to success in Network Marketing
• Overcoming the comparison game and defining the life of your dreams
• Why people stay stuck, and How to get unstuck
• The benefits of becoming a Network Marketer
• How storytelling can help people to identify with you and your business
• The power of telling authentic stories
• How jealousy motivates people to achieve success
• Getting past feelings of guilt and regret
• Why your mindset is everything
• Prayer and the Law of Attraction
• Setting a Goal, Finding a “How” to achieve it
• Preparing for who you want to be

“Telling your story is an art. Think about the highlights of your life and the low points of your life and know that the more detailed and specific you can be, the more that people will connect with you. I like to often say, “We are the author of our own story”…Tell people where you’re going and I can tell you, people will follow.”

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