Episode 194: Love the Challenges of Parenting with Di Ana Pisarri

Show Notes

Writer. Life Stylist. Speaker. Coach. Provocative, Purposeful, and Relatable. Turns breakdowns into breakthroughs. Authenticity and integrity, above all.

Di Ana Pisarri is a relationship coach for all the loves of your life: self, mates, kids, career—you name it. It’s a one-stop shop. Based in NYC, her Live/Love Mastery program focuses on saying “yes” to all the things you desire so that you can create real, transformative change. As we say in yoga: Let’s take the practice off of the mat and into our everyday lives.

As a coach/writer she is provocative and purposeful. Living her own life out loud—wins, mistakes, and everything in between. Perfection is never the goal—resilience is. You can always turn a breakdown into a breakthrough.

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