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Sarah Karr

Sarah Karr

As a hair stylist, a cheerleading & softball coach, and a volunteer at her local church, Sarah feels fulfilled when she is helping others! Adding the Dream Life Coach Certification to her toolbox was a natural next step. While fully trained on the Dream Life Pathway, Sarah specializes in helping her clients break through their money mindset to pay off debt, save money, and live the life they have always wanted!

Amy Spade Elias

With a background in occupational therapy, I teach, coach, mentor, consult and counsel individuals and groups in personal growth.  I also educate and train clients in improving relationships, work habits, school engagement, sensory integration, designing safe places within the home, home modifications, and caregiving.
Eileen Healy

Eileen Healey

Eileen recently wrapped up a 31-year career as a high school art teacher, but she’s anything BUT retired! She teaches adult pottery classes, recently published her first book called Mom On A Shelf, and “teaches” in a new capacity as a Life Coach. Eileen specializes in empowering moms over 50 to reclaim their happiness and purpose after years of putting themselves last. She’s ready to help you discover your strengths, visualize new goals, and develop a plan to reinvent your life with confidence.
Katie Shepherd

Katie Shepherd

Katie could be considered a jill of all trades, dabbling in various areas of personal interest. She has spent the majority of her career in the animal industry and is the founder and CEO of Katetrained LLC. Throughout life, people have naturally come to Katie for perspective and advice. She is a champion of women, supporting and cheering them to be their best. Being a life coach is a natural pathway for Katie, and will allow her to serve women at the highest level. Her course specializes in helping women discover and live the life God intended them to.
Amore Porter

Amore Porter

Amore Porter is a wife, mother, educator, leader, visionary, coach and author who inspires and empowers people to pursue their dreams and purpose. She has extensive experience and education in the field of education, where she leads innovative learning initiatives. She lives in Orlando, Florida with her family and offers coaching and guidance to women who want to transcend their limitations and create a fulfilling life.
Kim Utterback

Kim Utterback

Kim is a career nurse/CEO turned life coach and author. Through her journey following her husband’s miraculous resurrection of life, she has found her calling to walk with others as they seek beauty from ashes, navigating a new normal. Her experience as a nurse, combined with her impact as a leader, has provided her with a gifting to coach, mentor and encourage those who find life overwhelming in the face of adversity, unrealized dreams and trauma. Her dream is to reach those who find themselves in a season of loss and grief and help them see that meaningful lives can and do arise amidst crushing hardships.

Michelle Antanovich

Michelle Antanovich is a Dual certified Nurse Practitioner in Family and Psychiatry health, a new author, health coach, mother, grandmother and wife. She is a big sister, doing a “little” volunteering for Big Brothers and Sisters of America. Michelle suffered from trauma starting at a young age and decided to become a dream life coach to assist others who may have been exposed to trauma throughout their lifetime. Michelle currently works with individuals helping them break through the control their past trauma has on them by showing others how she overcame her past in her book, “Don’t Allow Your Past To Determine Your Future.” Michelle seeks lifelong learning to bring her knowledge to others who may be struggling with this thing we call life. As a Certified health coach, her goal is to help others live the life of their dreams through coaching and mentoring.
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Jessica Tomkiell

As a single mom, Health Coach specializing in emotional eating, an attorney, leader, mentor, and lover of health and fitness, I have overcome many personal obstacles to create my own Dream Life! My health journey consisted of losing 80 pounds, dealing with an abusive divorce, becoming a single parent, and learning to love myself all over again. With the tools I now have as a Dream Life Coach, personal experiences, and other certifications, I can help you achieve your health and life goals!
Nicole Holt

Nicole Holt

Hey I’m Nicole. I’m a Massage Therapist with 4 foster children who connects the link between relaxation and chaos through intentional fostering!

After surviving the Covid pandemic locked inside our home with our loved ones while distance learning and fostering. I often felt stuck and knew I needed to do something to become more balanced, to bring peace back into my day and to practice intentional fostering.

For my 40th birthday I went on a Dream Life retreat, a few months later I enrolled in a 90 Day U Turn and then enrolled in a program to become a Certified Dream Life Coach. Now on the other side, Certified, I am excited to work with other foster parents and give them the same clarity, confidence and peace to be the best parent they can be while we intentionally foster our communities most vulnerable children, together. Will you join me?

Gabriela Whiting

Gabriela Whiting

I am Gabriela Whiting, better known as “Gabby.”  I am a business owner, leader, active sales coach, and now, I am happy to add certified Dream Life Coach to my list of accomplishments. I know all about the highs of scaling to six figure months and getting five-star reviews. But I also completely understand the lows of late inventory, irate customers and the risks involved in running your own business. Because I have experienced all the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, my passion is to help others achieve their dreams. I specialize in helping people build their own business or to improve an area of their lives by changing their subconscious mind. So what does this mean for you? I will show you a roadmap to success and support you to overcome self-sabotage by aligning your actions to your goals. This program will be your toolbox to experience transformation within yourself and break through your own personal glass ceiling! You deserve a program that is designed for you, because YOU are unique!

Justina L.Rake

Hi, I am a relationship coach, with a passion for women to step into who they were created to be, and have healthy, strong relationships starting with themselves. By overcoming self sabotaging thoughts and behaviours, replacing them with new ones that will serve you well in your
Robin Savidge

Robin Savidge

At age 55, I retired after 31 years of teaching teenagers. I was excited but uncertain about my next steps and didn’t know where to start. I was at a crossroads. I felt stuck. Can you relate?

I gained clarity in the 90 Day U Turn program. I found my spark, knew what I was called to do, became a certified Dream Life Coach, and launched Let’s R.I.S.E. Academy LLC.

Now, I provide unique experiences for teenagers, unlike traditional school, that help them broaden their horizons, learn valuable leadership skills & use them to serve others AND through individual or group coaching, I help women, who may feel stuck at a crossroads like I did, find a clear path to the life they desire.

Whether it’s coaching for yourself or an exciting, interactive leadership program for your teenager, women & teens RISE (Reflect, Inspire, Serve and Excel) by fostering personal growth, increased confidence & clarity, and a sense of community. Here, you’ll find YOUR spark, so you can walk boldly & joyfully in your purpose.


Becca A Zurcher

Becca is a vibrant and caring coach, mom and entrepreneur. Her business acumen is exhibited in owning and operating her own jewelry store. Her passion is to help women who feel “stuck” find their passion and drive again! She believes that women of any age can be fulfilled and happy with themselves and the lives they lead.
Tracy Day

Tracy P. Day

Dream Life Coach that Creates Resiliency for Front Line Responders.

Introducing Tracy Peckham Day: A Proud Wife, Mother, Nana, and Front Line Responder, Dream Life Coach, Motivational Speaker.

Growing up in a family of military and first responders, I saw firsthand the emotional toll it took on my mother in 1989. Since then, raising awareness about the mental health challenges that front line responders face has become my mission. For over 35 years, I have personally worked in EMS on the 911 & Mental Health transports. As a Dream Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Peer Specialist, I am committed to paying it forward to my family and those who helped me through my own struggles.

The Resilience of a Front Line Responder:

A Journey of Learning, Honor, and Humility

At times, the road ahead may seem daunting, and you may feel like giving up. You’ll face challenges, and some may even question your abilities and right to be where you are. However, your strength as a Front Line Responder is not measured by a single grade, shift, or job. It’s a continuous journey of growth, dedication, and the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of your patients no matter how small. So, rise to the occasion and persevere through the struggles, because you have what it takes to succeed.

Provides *Individual Coaching


1. Reset, Rest & Digest (12 wk.) 

2.90 Day U Turn
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Carollee Lockwood

I’m Carollee, a mom of four amazing girls, two adorable granddaughters, and a proud fur mom to three cats, one dog, and a bunny. Life with my boyfriend, Nick, is always full of love and laughter. After spending over a decade in the corporate world, I decided to follow my passion for helping others and pursue a new career path as a life and business coach. I recently completed my certification through Denise Walsh’s Dream Life Certification program, and I’m thrilled to share that I will be launching my first e-course in April!

Carollee Lockwood President, The Prime Leadership

Jessica Nichols

Jessica Nichols

Jessica Nichols is a compassionate dream life coach dedicated to empowering moms on their journey of self-discovery beyond the realm of motherhood.

Drawing from her own experiences as a mother whose experienced burn out, stress and overwhelm, Jessica guides her clients to reconnect with their passions, dreams and unique essence.

Her goal is to help you THRIVE motherhood, not just survive.

Through personalized coaching sessions, Jessica helps moms identify their priorities, discover the importance of self care, set achievable goals and implement sustainable practices to ensure that you never pour from an empty cup again.


Join her transformative program today and embark on a journey of self discovery, fulfillment, and empowerment in motherhood.

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