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Sarah Karr

Sarah Karr

As a hair stylist, a cheerleading & softball coach, and a volunteer at her local church, Sarah feels fulfilled when she is helping others! Adding the Dream Life Coach Certification to her toolbox was a natural next step. While fully trained on the Dream Life Pathway, Sarah specializes in helping her clients break through their money mindset to pay off debt, save money, and live the life they have always wanted!


Amy Spade Elias

With a background in occupational therapy, I teach, coach, mentor, consult and counsel individuals and groups in personal growth.  I also educate and train clients in improving relationships, work habits, school engagement, sensory integration, designing safe places within the home, home modifications, and caregiving.

Eileen Healy

Eileen Healey

Eileen recently wrapped up a 31-year career as a high school art teacher, but she’s anything BUT retired! She teaches adult pottery classes, recently published her first book called Mom On A Shelf, and “teaches” in a new capacity as a Life Coach. Eileen specializes in empowering moms over 50 to reclaim their happiness and purpose after years of putting themselves last. She’s ready to help you discover your strengths, visualize new goals, and develop a plan to reinvent your life with confidence.

Katie Shepherd

Katie Shepherd

Katie could be considered a jill of all trades, dabbling in various areas of personal interest. She has spent the majority of her career in the animal industry and is the founder and CEO of Katetrained LLC. Throughout life, people have naturally come to Katie for perspective and advice. She is a champion of women, supporting and cheering them to be their best. Being a life coach is a natural pathway for Katie, and will allow her to serve women at the highest level. Her course specializes in helping women discover and live the life God intended them to.

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