Episode 30 – Reinventing Yourself When You Hit Rock Bottom with Colleen Hauk

Show Notes

We’ve all struggled to find happiness and balance at one point or another. When one area of your life gets under control, it seems like another fire starts elsewhere. What could the key to lasting happiness and balance be?

My guest today has a CRITICAL lesson to teach us about just this very topic. When Colleen Hauk hit her emotional rock bottom, she reinvented herself to transition from being an overworked career woman to a professional success coach, speaker, trainer and author with the mission to inspire and support high-performing women!

I’m grateful to be able to share Colleen’s unique perspective on what it means to live in alignment while also making sure that we thrive in as many areas of our life as we can control.

If you’re wondering whether you ever can “have it all,” you’ll leave this episode with a resounding YES ringing in your head and some great strategies from Colleen on how to get started.

Our conversation covers:

• Checking in with yourself to make sure that your work is serving you and those closest to you
• How hitting a rock bottom “breaking point” can propel us to climb to the top
• Why working on yourself pays dividends
• Bringing out your inner growth and channeling it into your career goals
• Attaining happiness by aligning with what is right for you and your family
• How to destress and grow during your commute
• Finding balance and happiness
• Thriving in ALL areas of life at the same time
• Discovering opportunities by bringing ideas to other people
• Getting inspiration by talking to others
• How your life’s purpose changes at different points in time
• What your family notices when you align your job with your dreams

For more of Colleen Hauk’s wisdom and resources, visit her website: ColleenHauk.com

“You can find the happiness and balance within all.”

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