Episode 32 – Transform Your Passion for Health Into an Online Business with Megan Roosevelt

Show Notes

Megan Roosevelt is a Registered Dietician who swung back from rock bottom to take her health to the ultimate level as a nutritional and dietary expert.

When I was looking to enter a bikini bodybuilding competition, it was Megan’s Youtube videos that gave me the vision and tools I needed to succeed.

Today, Megan (A.K.A. Healthy Grocery Girl) is here to give us a boost of inspiration to help us be happier and healthier!

We talk about:

• Why letting go of our need for control is VITAL to our health (Type A people, listen up!)
• The importance of experimentation to improve your health+mindset
• Getting past disordered eating and how it’s linked to our mental health
• How understanding nutrition can enhance your health
• Why taking time to try multiple jobs can lead you to one great full-time income
• How you can start before you know all the answers
• Why the hard work that comes with doing what you love is So. Worth. It.
• Overcoming periods of struggle and their effect on our health
• The Fertility Struggle some of us face
• What it’s really like to run a business creating social media content
• Being real with your personal brand to create a connection
• Why seeking perfection is second to doing your best while being yourself
• Relationships: The key to life AND business
• Plant-based diets and how freeing they are
• Eating by listening to what your body needs
• The benefits of juicing
• Starting out on social media and staying in the game long-term
• And more!

Find Megan Roosevelt on her Youtube channel (like I did) or her Website!

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