Episode 33 – 5 Steps to Conquer Imposter Syndrome

Show Notes

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I’m hoping that you’ll leave today’s solo episode feeling one thing: confident.

We’re going to explore the imposter syndrome, a feeling almost all of us encounter at some point.

If you have ever thought to yourself that you aren’t as good as other people might think, or that you will be “found out” somehow, you will want to hear this one!

Self-doubt is something every single person deals with on their journey to success. So let’s find out how to beat it!

In this show you’ll hear about:

• How I overcame feeling incompetent as an entrepreneur (and podcast host)
• When imposter syndrome happens to you
• What feeling like a fraud does to your brain
• Why feeling like a fraud could be a sign that you’re on a leadership path
• Feelings of doubt: what to do with them
• How you can rewire your brain to replace anxiety and doubt with excitement!
• Doing the work you’re called to do, regardless of how ready you feel
• Identifying and living through your top strengths and passions
• What scripture says about our true identity
• 5 tips for beating imposter syndrome
• A visualization exercise to help you feel grounded right now
• Why it’s our duty to do the work we’re called to do

The 5 steps to beating imposter syndrome that I detail in the episode:

1. Take action before you’re ready
2. Accept that mistakes are an inevitable part of the journey
3. Look for reasons to be satisfied with what you do, internal validation
4. End the comparison game
5. Expose yourself to new people who will benefit from your work

“If we feel called to spread a message, it is our duty to do so. Because there are people who are going to hear what you have to say, because it’s you.”

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