Episode 52 – Steps to Build Your Intuition (& Discover Your Life’s Purpose!)

Show Notes

Many people desire to live a life of meaning and purpose, but few actually sit down and figure out HOW to get there or WHAT that means for them. Do you feel stuck in a rut — doing things just to survive or get by? I want to bring you to a place where you’ll actually find life fulfilling; a place where your work brings you great JOY because it is at the very heart of WHO you are.

So let’s go on this journey together. Let’s discover what it is that really makes you tick. Let’s build up that intuition muscle and keep saying YES to the things that give you purpose and bubble up passion on the inside. As we bring clarity to your life’s mission, you’ll likely experience confirmation along the way — God bringing people into your path for you to bless with the gifts and strengths He has given you.

In this episode, you will:

~ Find out what I do to build my intuition and connection with the Holy Spirit. My morning routine!
~ Identify your life’s purpose through simple, self-analysis questions I will give you!
~ Create your own mission statement to bring focus and clarity to your life.

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