Episode 51 – Quantum Christianity with Aaron Davis

Show Notes

Could it be that when Jesus said, “it is finished” he wasn’t JUST talking about conquering sin and death? Is it possible that, through this very same act, Jesus may have also restored the authority He had given to Adam — and to every man — which is to have dominion over the earth?

Today’s guest speaker, Aaron Davis, will share how his book “Quantum Christianity” explores how we, as Christians, have the authority to influence and impact the world around us through what we think, say and do. His book has an amazing way of bringing science and scripture together, which to many might seem like a difficult task. However, he says, “If God created the universe and matter at a quantum atomic level to function within the laws of science, then they don’t contradict each other. We just have to see where they connect.”

Known as the “Tattoo Pastor”, Davis will also share part of his intriguing story as a former Detective Sargent and S.W.A.T. member turned pastor of 20 years. After several life threatening injuries as a police officer, it brought him to a place of reinventing himself — and ultimately researching and writing this book and several others. “Everything was broken. My body was broken, my emotions were broken. I really just felt very humbled. And I remember thinking, ‘God, I don’t ever want to waste another day,'” says Davis.

During this episode, you’ll gain insight into:

~ How can God be good if he “lets” bad things happen?
~ How do you hear the voice of God to the point where it influences your life?
~ What is your responsibility if God has given you dominion over the earth?

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And don’t forget to grab a copy of his latest book, “Limitless”, to learn how to break strongholds that may be holding you back!

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