Episode 53 – Eric Nordhoff — The Life of a Serial Entrepreneur

Show Notes

Oh my word. I seriously think I just met someone with the Midas Touch! Everything Eric Nordhoff does turns to GOLD. I have no doubt you will be inspired by his story of trails, triumphs and business mastery!

His achievements include:

~Producer of 10 albums as an accomplished pianist in Nashville, Tennessee.
~Founder of Go-Global Entertainment, where he made $4 million in 4 years
~Purveyor of goods on Amazon & Ebay where he made $10k-$15k a month
~Host and Co-Host of three amazingly successful podcasts (Faithful Wellness, The Courage Cast, and Walker Stalker)
~Co-Creator of what is now known as “Fan Fest”, the largest touring convention in the world
~Top Leader with Dotera Essential Oils along with his wife, Krissy

Eric lives by the philosophy that as he takes interest in others and their success, it ultimately helps himself and his mission as well. He has a way of building up others’ belief systems so they can be confident that nothing is out of their reach. Follow him and be uplifted and energized at CourageousCommunity.com

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