Episode 37 – Biz Women Rock: How to Crush It as a Mompreneur with Katie Krimitsos

Show Notes

If you’re trying to grow your business, chances are there are multiple personal glass ceilings that you’ll have to break through.

My guest today has a passion for helping mommas all over the world break through their personal glass ceilings to make a full-time income while working part-time hours.

Please welcome this phenomenal business coach and writer, Katie Krimitsos to the Dreamcast!

Katie’s story of determination in pursuit of her entrepreneurial goals will make you inspired to keep pushing forward toward creating your dream job.

You can learn more about Katie’s community of like-minded business owners at BizWomenRock.com and on Facebook.com/bizwomenrock.

We talk about:
• Navigating the job market in pursuit of your dream job vs. creating it for yourself
• Why “figuring it out” and reaching a big goal often has a new goal built into it
• Doing what you love through entrepreneurship, even if you aren’t a “natural” at business
• How being part of an entrepreneurial community can help create better business for everyone
• Why it makes sense to provide your lessons to other entrepreneurs
• Scaling your business, whatever it may be
• Taking advantage of Coaching, Masterminds, and Membership Communities
• Shaping a holistic money-mindset
• Visualizing abundance and gratitude
• How to “do it all” through managing your calendar
• The power of putting your values and top priorities down on paper
• Why there is no such thing called a “finish line” in life and entrepreneurship
• How your failures lead you to where you are now

“If you really want to live a vibrant life of bliss, and you believe that a business is a vehicle for you to do that, follow your curiosity.”

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