Episode 36 – The Secret to Creating and Casting Personal Vision

Show Notes

In today’s solo episode, we’ll be talking about the power of vision.

When you have a vision for yourself, you get clarity on where you’re going. That clear mental image of your heart’s desires is incredibly motivating.

In fact, I attribute the power of visualization to helping me achieve my greatest goals.

Whether it’s imagining a healthier family life, picturing my dream body, or attaining the highest rank of Black Diamond in my company, visualization made me so excited and hopeful about where I wanted to go, I did everything I could to get there. And I succeeded.

Once I realized the power of visualization, I knew I needed to help other people develop their own vision. I’m going to tell you exactly how to cast a vision on behalf of someone else in a way that leads to growth.

In this episode, you’ll hear me share some visualization tips and secrets, including:

• What is a personal vision?
• Why is vision so important?
• The way that feeling HOPE helps you PROGRESS
• How your personal vision will make you feel more excited
• Your brain’s filtering system, and how to hack it
• What happens when you live three steps ahead
• What is Vision Casting?
• How do you become a Vision Caster?
• Asking other people what they want to cast their vision
• How to see 3 steps ahead for yourself, and for others
• How Vision Casting can transform your leadership
• I answer the question: What kind of person do people follow?

Proverbs 29:18 “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

“We don’t need to necessarily need to know the end result but what we know is that you can get there, and I’m casting that belief and hope in the people that are around me.”

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