Episode 35 – Retrain Your Brain for Life Changing Weight Loss with Dr. Stan Gravely

Show Notes

Have you ever tried or thought about losing weight, and the things you needed to do differently just didn’t seem to stick?

If so, this episode will reveal the CRUCIAL element that you need to lose weight and improve your health effectively.

My guest today, Dr. Stan Gravely, helps people connect the dots between the mind, body, and spirit.

Knowing that they are all fully connected and fully integrated, Dr. Stan helps people understand the true root cause of their health issues so they can break free and experience full transformation. He’s worked to help other people to enrich their lives for over 20 years by focusing on the mind, body and spirit connection.

Make sure you check out Dr. Stan’s website for more information on the Genesis Diet, his coaching and his books! Visit DrStanPHD.com We talk about:

• How the dots of life (mind, body, spirit) are connected
• The emotional factors between our health and losing weight
• Your mind’s affect on your health and weight
• How to tap into healthy habits to get through emotional life-changes
• Fitting weight loss activity into the spare moments of the day
• How what you eat affects your emotional life
• Talking to your body in a constructive way with affirmations
• We discuss the question: How much are genetics a factor in our health?
• Why your lifestyle affects almost everything in your mind, body and spirit
• What it means to take full responsibility for your health
• Healthy alternative options to unhealthy foods
• Eating foods the way God made them
• What a plant-based diet does for your body
• Dr. Stan Gravely’s Genesis Diet & what it can do for your body

“The more we get back to God’s original diet, the more we eat things the way mother nature gives them to us…in a non-refined, non-processed way: the healthier we’re going to be.”

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