Episode 38 – Replay Friday: Using Science, Scriptures and Stories To Take You From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be

Show Notes

Today’s Replay Friday comes from the Courage Cast with Eric Nordhoff!

Courage Cast is all about faith, inspiration and motivation for today. You’ll love Eric, he is a FANTASTIC host.

We talked about so much, but it all comes back to personal growth, neuroscience, faith, and applying them to your business goals.

We talk about:

• Transitioning from feeling lost to finding your path
• Hustling with an MLM business full time after a traditional job
• Getting through the mud of fear and self-doubt
• Why you will attract the right people by putting yourself out there
• Bringing other people into your journey
• Building community and a growth culture in your organization
• The fear you encounter in building your business
• Making courageous decisions to overcome fear
• What happens when you behave like the person you want to be in the future
• Connecting to Passion, Purpose and Faith (at the same time)
• Raising expectations while helping others through their growth journey
• The beautiful seasons of business
• Leading by example
• Neuropsychology and personal growth

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