Episode 027 – Replay Friday: Denise Walsh on Faith Positive Radio with Dr. Joey Faucette

Show Notes

Welcome to replay Friday on the Dream Cast, where I upload interviews I do as a guest on other podcasts!

If you are itching for inspiration and positivity, look no further than today’s episode!

Today’s replay is from my appearance on Faith Positive Radio with Dr. Joey Faucette.

Dr. Joey is all about bringing positivity into our lives through faith and our thoughts. Our conversation was phenomenal!

We discuss some of the great wisdom behind the things that work to change our thoughts and our lives for the better…and how we can help other people to do the same.

We talk about:

• Speaking life into others
• Planting seeds of hope in your team
• How to see people the way God sees people
• Sharing your confidence
• Good habits to help keep ourselves in alignment with the Holy Spirit
• Being intentional with our thoughts
• Guarding our minds against commotion and distractions
• Replacing fear with FAITH to keep going
• What it means to become a “professional ignorer”
• Using our faith to focus on the positive
• Other ways to take control over our thoughts

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