Episode 028 – How to Build a Successful Online Business Using Social Media with Tanya Conner-Green

Show Notes

From a 6-figure commercial insurance job to a quest to make a life of meaning through ladypreneurship, my guest Tanya Conner-Green knows what it takes to go from an idea to full-on execution. This online business coach for women entrepreneurs is here to help you grow as an effective business owner!

You are going to want to pay attention to the advice packed into this episode. There are more tips for your business and productivity than I can count!

We also settle THE eternal question posed by those just starting out: Can you start working your own business while staying in your current job?

Our conversation covers:

• What it’s like to go from a 9-5 job to a self-run coaching business
• How our dreams aren’t always known to us
• Expanding and seeing other options
• Choosing MEANING over money
• What social media does for your business
• Building systems that consistently grow your business and your team
• Trading less time for MORE money
• Creating an impact by giving people the ability to sustain themselves while living flexibly
• Figuring out specific endpoint to leave your job and continue to grow your business full-time
• Why deadlines are KEY
• Some amazing ways Tanya coaches people to gain some traction on social media
• How to win with live video
• Storytelling secrets for creating a connection online
• Serving through what you sell
• How to create a call to action on your video
• The best time of day to go live!
• How to structure your video to get engagement
• How to turn your audience into clients
• Sales Funnels: What they are and how to use them
• Working smarter, not harder
• A copywriting hack you won’t want to miss!
• And much, much more!

Connect with Tanya Conner-Green below for more of her amazing lessons!
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