Episode 026 – Pam Sowder’s Top Secrets to Casting a Billion Dollar Vision

Show Notes

Today, one of my greatest mentors is here on the Dream Cast to share some incredible wisdom with you all!

It Works! Global’s Chief Marketing Officer Pam Sowder is a former teacher who has been a network marketer for going on 25 years. The lessons she’s learned and the person she’s become as a result of her journey will blow you away.

The It Works! Body Wrap itself was originally brought to market by Pam and Mark Pentecost. Listening to Pam’s vision, work ethic, high belief and passion will ignite your fire.

Some of the things we talk about are:

• What it’s like to go from never hearing about network marketing to becoming a distributor, to starting your own company
• Why you can’t worry about people think
• How it’s never too late to start taking your business seriously (even after you already signed up) • Learning by DOING
• Selling a brand new product no one’s heard of versus selling a product people are already familiar with
• What to be aware of when talking to potential leads
• Vision Casting: Building and growing your vision into reality
• Helping others to duplicate your vision
• Personal growth and why it creates success
• Why it’s important to create a new vision once you’ve reached your goals!
• How thoughts are important and what to do with them
• Replacing “Hard” with “Fun” to get yourself excited
• What are you advertising to yourself daily?
• Getting un-stuck by refusing to settle
• There’s always more growth to do, combine reading and listening to pull yourself out of thoughts of negativity
• Finding what it is that moves you forward

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