Episode 025 – One Scientifically-Backed Habit PROVEN to Increase Results

Show Notes

Today’s episode of the Dream Cast is all about one simple idea that could make you happier and healthier for good. My life has been transformed completely since I first came into contact with this concept. Are you ready for it!?

Gratitude is a key habit we can promote that affects all of our other habits. To feel good and do good we have to be in the right state of mind. Gratitude is what gets us in the perfect state of mind for living well…and both science and scripture back it up!

This episode will FILL you up with gratitude by teaching you about:

• Quantum Physics vs Classical Physics and why the difference blows my mind
• How your thoughts affect the physical world
• Why gratitude is the most powerful thing you can project
• Self-transformation through intentional gratitude
• What love through gratitude is, and what it isn’t
• How your perspective changes when your practice gratitude
• Mind-blowing research on how gratitude affects your well-being
• A 30-day experiment you’ve GOT to try
• Ideas for creating a state of gratitude right now

Positive thinking isn’t just a good habit, it’s a healthy one. Science confirms what the bible says about giving thanks in everything that we do.

So start thinking of gratitude as essential to your well-being and practice it as often as you can…I promise you’ll feel better every day that you do!

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