Episode 022 – The [SECRET] Behind Chicken Soup’s Billion Dollar Success

Show Notes

We have an epic episode on the Dream Cast today. Jack Canfield is one of my top mentors of all time, and my guest today is Patty Aubery, president of the Canfield Training Group. Patty oversaw the publishing industry’s first billion-dollar brand with Chicken Soup for the Soul, but not only that: she also created a multi-million dollar training company surrounding the Success Principles with Jack Canfield.

Patty has been described as Jack Canfield’s guiding force, overseeing every detail of Jack’s publishing and training. Patty has reinvented herself time and time again, today she has dedicated herself to helping women entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and corporate employees through live events, retreats and speaking engagements. I am SO honored to have her here on the show!

In our discussion today, Patty describes her firsthand experience in launching the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series. In turning Chicken Soup for the Soul into a billion dollar brand, she had to learn a LOT about publishing and promotion, her story is inspirational, whether you’ve ever imagined writing your own inspirational or motivational book or not. It’s how Patty reinvented herself after this groundbreaking success that will truly amaze you.

Topics Covered and some Key Takeaways:
–The ways in which we are our own biggest obstacles, and the mindset we need to get over ourselves
–When you know what your path is and you’re clear on it, you can NOT get sidetracked or
derailed. It’s up to you to stay on track (we discuss how to do this). –Challenges of and tips for balancing achievement and family life, it IS possible
–How to get over feeling judged by others
–How Patty started the program that was life-changing for me: Train the Trainer
–What it’s like to deliver the Chicken Soup for the Soul Books, coordinating with hundreds of authors
–Why you need some GOAL FRIENDS
–How to own your greatness and take 100% ownership (and why it’s sometimes so difficult to do)
–What a great business partnership looks like and the possibilities it opens
–Know your strengths, know what areas you need help in and get help – “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”

As you can see, there is a TON to learn in this episode. But it doesn’t stop there. Patty Aubery teaches so much more on a daily basis. To learn more about what Patty has to offer, check out her links below!:

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