Episode 023 – Intentionally on Purpose with Denise Walsh on The Goal Show

Show Notes

Welcome to replay Friday, where I upload an interview I did on another Podcast.

Today’s replay is from my appearance on The Goal Show with Adrian McMillian. I met Adrian at Jack Canfield’s Train the Trainer program where we hit it off while learning cutting edge coaching methods.

Both Adrian and I are devoted to helping other people in our businesses, and our conversation centers around balancing your own passions and talents with serving the world around you.

On this replay Friday of The Goal Show, you’ll learn about:

• Serving others as a leader
• Why service is a blessing to you
• Seeing opportunities with open eyes
• Getting unstuck, finding your path
• Recognizing your inner passion and purpose
• Changing where you are to get where you want to be
• Why “good” is the enemy of “great”
• What it takes to beat fear and get clear
• Leveraging your strengths
• Staying focused on your mission
• Replacing your anxiety with faith

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