Episode 021 – You Cannot Be What You Cannot See

Show Notes

Today I’ll be sharing three reasons why I LOVE going to events. Whether it’s local or requires a plane flight, getting out there and going to events consistently will benefit you by exposing you to opportunities you wouldn’t have encountered if you stayed home.

Events soak you in different people and knowledge that you can’t get anywhere else. I highly recommend you become a regular or at least semi-regular event goer.

But where do you find events to go to, and how can you make the most out of them? How do you meet the people that are going to be there who you want to meet? What types of events should you go to? And how do you get over that awkward feeling that happens in a big room full of lots of people?

Listen to this episode to get my top tips to navigate any event you go to and get the most of out of it! I’ll also tell you what happens when you go to events as a VIP.

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