Episode 020 – How a Punk Kid Grew a 7 Figure Network with Josh Kercher

Show Notes

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When you live in your passion, your excitement becomes contagious to everyone around you. My guest Josh Kercher knows what I’m talking about! Josh is not your average designer. He’s a men’s style expert who goes against the grain and values authenticity.

Josh has been working professionally in fashion for over 5 years and built his first line designing for celebrities, athletes, and top entrepreneurs. Josh has since decided to bring his sartorial eye to the modern gentleman through his lifestyle line: Bespoke.

There is some amazing advice for expanding your network and leveling it up. I highly recommend you listen to this so that you can adopt a winning mindset.

Some key takeaways you’ll find in this episode:
–You can upgrade your network and your life in the process
–Every failure truly is a learning opportunity on your way to success
–Take risks, go big
–Clothing is a tool: dress for the room you want to be in
–Balancing your life with the hustle is important, make sure you set aside mental space for your important relationships such as your spouse
–Building connections to the people you admire most is possible, but you need to be patient and provide value to them
–Spending less time with people who might not be positive for your purpose is a hard, but necessary part of building your dream
–Modeling after your mentors can be transformational

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