Episode 019 – Life Doesn’t Have to Be Boring! with Jaime Marco

Show Notes

In today’s episode I’m interviewing Jaime Marco. As the owner of Evolve Business Consulting, Jaime works with many sales and customer service teams and facilitates Leadership Development courses. In addition, Jaime has coached numerous businesses to success, and she also offers unique keynote presentations that will leave your team both inspired and motivated.

If there is one takeaway from this episode, I think it is: While it is important to know the “what,” it is more important to know the “why.” Increase action, increase success. Today, Jaime trains people for customer service, leadership development, business and brand development and awareness. So I’m pleased to have a guest with so much knowledge.

There is some amazing wisdom in this episode about tuning in to the part of you that is passionate and spreads their excitement to others. You won’t want to miss this advice from a true leader…as Jaime says in this episode, “When you’re truly passionate about what you do, that’s when you make an impact.”

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