Episode 012- 6 Distracting Emotions That Could Be Holding You Back

Show Notes

Today, we’re diving deep so that you can work on removing the negative emotions that could be distracting you. Fear, guilt, and resentment are something we all feel. How much attention you give those feelings determines how you live. Will you listen to the fearful voices in your head that say “Yeah, right…” to your dreams? Or will you hear those voices, feel that fear, and take action anyway?

When I decided to stop listening to fear and accept that feeling afraid was all part of the journey to success, my fears started to go away the more I did what I was afraid of. This habit brought me to my most desired goals, including reaching the top sales rank in my company, increasing my income, and feeling proud of myself and my sales organization. I don’t think I could have reached those goals if I had kept listening to my fears and doubts!

In this episode, I’ll tell you how I overcame my deepest doubts and stuck to the habit of feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

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If you’re struggling with Guilt and Resentment right now, I want you to work through the questions below immediately after listening to this episode to help reframe and heal those feelings!

5 Questions to Heal Guilt:

What do I feel guilty about? What belief or expectation did I violate?
What is a belief, should or expectation that someone else has for me that affects me? What is someone else telling me that affects me?
What is unrealistic about this belief or should?
In relation to this action or non-action, can I change my past behavior?
How can I get rid of the guilt by reframing the way I think about it? Guilt helps you realize that you did the best that you could with what you knew at the time. Use a healing reframe: “I did the best I could with what I knew.” Now that you know better, you will do better!

7 Questions to Heal Resentment

Who do I resent and what do I resent them for?
What belief or expectation I have about how they should or shouldn’t be did they violate?
What is unrealistic about my beliefs or expectations?
Can I change them or their action?
How does keeping this unrealistic belief make me feel?
Is this belief worth feeling that way
How can I get rid of the resentment? Use healing reframes such as: They did the best that they could with the information they had at the time. They didn’t know what they didn’t know. I might have done the same in their situation.

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