Episode 011 – DO NOT Make the Same Mistake I Did!

Show Notes

One thing that became CRUCIAL to my success in business was the power of setting goals and doing everything it took to make sure they were met. This meant I had to really feel the goal, believe in it, and be loud about it until a combination of forces brought me to it. I want to tell you about these three forces that will help you get to YOUR goal: Crystal Clear Belief, Community Support, and Consistency. Once I got a handle on these, my goal of being a top earner in my company and increasing my family’s income didn’t happen overnight, but it HAPPENED. And it happened even better than I had imagined because of all the incredible people that my family and I became connected to as a result. Listen to this episode to learn how I changed the way I thought about my goals, and how it brought me exactly where I wanted to be so that you can do the same!

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