Did you know that 85% of the problems that arise in life should be solved immediately? Today I’m gonna share with you three steps that you can take to go from problem to solution in a matter of minutes. Let’s go!

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In today’s video, I’m gonna share with you three steps to go from problem where you’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious, depressed, confused, wondering what to do, unsure, wishy-washy, that sound familiar? Into a space where you feel confident, secure, and action-focused. So let’s next define what a problem is. When I look at my Wikipedia here, it says a problem is a matter or situation regarded as unwelcome or harmful and needing to be dealt with and overcome. A problem is an unwelcome or unwanted situation. For example, you’re going on your day and something arises that’s a bit unexpected and unwelcome, you call that a problem.

I have learned that problems arise when we’re growing, when we’re learning something new and it often means that you’re headed in the right direction because of course if it were easy, you wouldn’t have a problem. And so, these unexpected learning situations pop up in our path and we can either regard them as a stop sign and turn around and head home or we can regard them as a speed bump. Now, in order to get over a speed bump in your car, you do have to rev your engine. You have to go a little bit faster, put a little bit more energy into it so you can go over the speed bump and then be smooth sailing again.

So for us, that means we’re gonna have to dig deep. We may have to slow down, dig deep and then put energy into the problem quickly so we can overcome it that much faster. So, the three steps to overcoming problems is to, number one, make a decision, make a decision, make a decision. What are the options? Make pro and con list regarding the options in this situation. You can just take a little deep breath and stick with your gut. You know, what does your gut say to do or how to respond in this situation. Maybe you can flip it and say “if that were me, how would I want to be responded to in this situation”. Take a step back and decide think, prioritize pros and cons but decide.

Again, that wishy-washiness of I’m not sure what to do and I don’t know what direction to take allows the problem to grow. And when the problem grows, the effect of the problem grows. The outcome of the problem grows, which means maybe it was a little problem but because we’re thinking on it so much, the problem grows and we call it making a mountain out of a molehill. You know, it’s catastrophizing now we’re – we’re living in a van down by the river when really it’s not that big of a deal.

So we wanna make a decision quickly and you do need to spend time on that decision. Pros and cons, priorities, maybe ask some friends but make a decision, make a decision and most decisions can be made within the first few minutes to a half an hour of the problem arising. Second, you wanna flood the decision with confidence. Again, the wishy-washiness is what can increase anxiety, self-doubt, and again put energy on the negative outcome of the problem. Rather than putting energy on the positive solution. So we wanna flood the positive solution with the energy and with the confidence, so once you decide, you wanna flood that solution with massive confidence. Meaning if you’re deciding to uh, spend money on a trip, you flood it with massive confidence. If you decide to spend money on coaching, you flood it with massive confidence.

If you decide to end a business relationship, you flood it with massive confidence. If you decide to you know, change careers or get a new office space or whatever, you flood it with massive confidence because that puts energy into the solution and it shifts your focus which is gonna shift your energy level, is gonna shift your physiology. You are going to be able to handle that solution and still work within it in a much more powerful way. The third thing is to take massive action. Now we kind of – or you hear me say, “belief is queen action is king”. You kinda have to have both. So once you make the decision and you flood it with confidence, you get to take massive action in that direction towards the solution and you’ll find momentum happens in that direction.
You guys, solving problems does not have to eat us up inside. It does not have to keep us up at night. We can decide, make uh – flood it with confidence and then take massive action in that direction knowing that this was the best decision that you made at that time. I don’t know where you’re at or what problems you’re solving on a daily basis, but I know if you wanna get out of debt decide flood it with confidence, take massive action.

If you wanna grow your business, decide flood it with confidence and then take massive action. And these three steps will help you change anything in your life. Take massive leaps in yourself and in your business and really create amazing outcomes for yourself.

You guys, if you want more of this type of information check out my podcast, The Dreamcast as well as the Dream Life Action planner which if you haven’t gotten it yet is my favorite time management tool for those that say I have too much to do and I don’t know how to get it done. Uh, so go to denisewalsh.com/action and I’ll see you in the next video.

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