Episode 141 – Easy Tips for Healthy Living with Dr. Melody Stevens

Show Notes

Hey Dreamer!

You’ve heard it before: a healthy mind AND body are important for…everything!

Whether it’s being mentally and physically able to tackle your goals, or being there for those you care about: we can’t ignore our health.

Melody Stevens is a doctor of physical therapy and a certified health coach. Her mission is empowering Christian women to reclaim their joy and health in Mind, Body and Spirit so they can step into God’s calling and purpose for their life.

In our interview today, you’ll hear:

  1. Melody’s journey that led her to a life of God, independence, and helping others
  2. How Melody arrived at an overwhelming sense of peace (and how you can too)
  3. What it means to heal the body and mind

As Melody explains in our interview: health doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. Listen now!

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