You know what I think it is so funny is that the view of entrepreneurship is this like pinnacle life where you have all the time freedom and all the money in the world, but nobody talks about the anxiety, the frustration, the roadblocks, the grit that it takes to actually see success in any business. And today, I am gonna talk about the one thing that entrepreneurs never talk about and that is their anxiety. Let’s go!

Hey you guys, my name is Denise Walsh. I have been an entrepreneur for over 12 years and I am excited to talk to you about something that often gets left unaddressed and that is the anxiety of being an entrepreneur. Basically, let’s face it, nobody taught us how to run a business. Nobody has taught us how to be an entrepreneur. We were taught to be told what to do and then do it, right? And that’s kind of what employee is all about, you show up you get told you do it. But when you’re your own entrepreneur, you’re the one that has to figure out the vision, figure out the strategy and keep yourself motivated to follow through.

And then once you start having teammates or outsourcers, contractors, people you’re bringing in to help you, then you get to lead and work with, manage and cast vision for them. None of this stuff is what we were taught in school. So, the one thing that is kind of plagued me the most throughout my last decade-plus of being an entrepreneur is anxiety. Those sleepless nights where you wonder “am I doing the right thing? Is this the right decision? I’m not sure what to do and I don’t really have anyone to ask for help because not many people have been in my shoes”. That anxiety, that wishy-washiness, that fearfulness of making the wrong decision which will then in our minds, right, domino effect and impact all other areas of our life. And we’re gonna end up destitute living in a van down by the river.

Does anybody else go there? Yeah. That like one thought can domino effect and all of a sudden you know, our house comes crashing in. Can you feel the weight of that? Oh my gosh, I feel anxiety just like thinking about that. But I’ve been there when I go to bed at night and I wonder is this the right choice? Am I doing the right thing? Am I the right person? And you just second guess everything. So. I’m gonna share with you a few strategies that I have used to conquer my own anxiety of the unknown because that’s basically what this is. We don’t know what the future is gonna hold so we do our best guess at this time to make the right step now.

And so, what I have done is that I have just had to decide “what is the best choice right now?’ And make a step and then – and then trust it. And you know what, if it ends up being the wrong move or maybe there is a better option or maybe – I – I trust that at that time I made the best choice with the information I had at that time. The reality is, is you’re interested in your own business, you’re excited to create another stream of income, you want to learn these skills or you wouldn’t be here. So, trusting your intuition and taking a step, and trusting that and taking a step, and trusting that and taking a step, and trusting that is the best way I have found to keep myself moving forward instead of retreating and then you know, second-guessing everything that I just did ’cause that takes up way too much emotional energy.

Whether you are in a direct sales business, or you creating products to ship and sell, or you have a fitness coaching journey that you’re – you’re adding a service to people, you’re excited about it and at this time at this place that’s what you know. And you take a step and you trust it, and you take a step and you trust it. And if there comes a point where you say, “oh, shoot, well, that could have gone better” then you know that at that time you made the best choice with the information that you had. And the second thing to know is that it’s never a failure, you either win or you learn. And the reality is that I have made a ton of mistakes within my business. I’ve – I’ve messed up, I’ve spent too much money, I said the wrong thing, you know all of that, but I learned – I learned and I probably wouldn’t have learned that just reading in a textbook or listening to a training.

So, you learn through action and so by taking action, whether you win or you learn is going to keep helping you move forward. Anxiety you guys is no way to live, it takes up way too much mental space and it typically means that you’re focused on the future or you’re focused on the past. Future is what if this crumbles, the past is what if I totally messed it up? And let’s like become professional ignorer of all of that stuff and just stay focused in the present knowing that you made the best decision with the information you had and you either win or you learn. Both are awesome. Keep moving forward.
I hope that this was helpful to you guys. You want more for your resources, check out my Dreamcast which is the podcast, tons of awesome interviews and then I also have the Dream Life Action Planner which is a time management tool that you need to help take you to the next level in your business. So, have an amazing day and I’ll see you in the next one.

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