Episode 136 – One Simple Choice That Will Create a Domino Effect in Your Business, Health, and Life with Alison Donaghey

Show Notes

Hey Dreamer!

What if I told you that doing a few small things today could lead to big things for you?

Today on the Dream Cast, we’re exploring the Domino Effect as it applies to our lives and our businesses.

The question is: what are those things we should do today, to see the big results we want tomorrow?

My guest today, Alison Donaghey, is here to answer that question. Alison is a cause and effect strategist, speaker, radio host, and author who coaches others for more happiness, abundance, and health in their lives and businesses.

Listen to our convo to hear:

• The 4 pillars to in business to focus on for mutual success between you and others
• How to develop a roadmap for business that goes on to help every area of your life
• A process for creating a worldview of happiness, abundance, and health

Check out Alison’s book and course on her website! – https://www.dominothinking.com/

#MyPart Course – https://www.dominothinking.com/mypart-course


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