Episode 99 – Hustle with all your Heart with Jonathan Frederick

Show Notes

As entrepreneurs, we are continually refining ourselves as we stretch and grow through the ebbs and flows of our businesses. In this hustle, it’s important to check our hearts so we don’t lose sight of our passions, goals, and purpose. Being self-aware can ultimately help us lead with our heart and trust our instincts in order to make better decisions.

Today’s guest is Jonathan Frederick, host of the Heart Healthy Hustle podcast. His show equips, inspires, and connects driven and proactive young professionals. Each week he interviews doctors, entrepreneurs, and professionals who hustle with their heart and have a passion for health and fitness.

Jonathan has some amazing visuals he shares with us during this episode including what he calls “dream receipts”. I was fascinated by this idea and the way he used this tool to cultivate a creative mind, even while in a mundane job. This eventually helped him develop his own media marketing company, among other entrepreneurial ventures!

In today’s episode, Jonathan will walk us through the following questions:

~How do you find and attract other people who are winning at life?
~What is the difference between emotional intelligence and self-awareness?
~What can we learn from the lily pad about making decisions and taking action?
~What is the greatest enemy to anxiety and how can we overcome it?

To learn more about Jonathan, check out his website thehearthealthyhustle.com where you can also get connected to his podcast thehearthealthyhustle.com/category/podcast/. He can also be found on facebook (facebook.com/hearthealthyhustle/) and twitter (twitter.com/hustleyourtweet).

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