Dream Cast
The Dream Cast is a monthly podcast hosted by Denise Walsh

If we don’t know what we want, how can we even get there? In this episode, I teach you how to take the lid off of any limiting beliefs and to allow yourself to start dreaming again. In order to get anywhere, we have to have a clear picture and vision of what we want that to look like. In this podcast, I give you the tools for you to design your dream life, one day at a time.


Episode 003 - Getting Uncomfortable with Here

Are you feeling stuck? Have you wondered about making a job or career change, or do you want to change any other aspect of your life? If so, there is a chance that the only thing stopping you from moving toward a more ideal life...is you. Well, I’m here to help you get past this mental block that all of us encounter and live with more happiness, abundance and joy. It is time to take a stand! Time to decide that if we want something different, we have to do something different!

Episode 005 - How to Improve Mood and Mental Health with Lisa Thompson

Are you struggling with sleep, stress, or your physical health? Certified Health Coach Lisa Thompson joins us to explain the different factors that affect our health and our mood. Listen to this episode to get EMPOWERED with the tools and confidence to improve your health. Get some great guidelines for how to eat, exercise, and clean up your home environment. Life is better when your health is better, and it’s never too late to build better habits! Implement the activity from this episode to take action with better habits to improve your health.

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