Episode 39 – The Foolproof Guide to Becoming Your Own CEO with Melonie DeRose

Show Notes

In today’s episode, you’re going to learn from an attorney-turned-entrepreneur on how to take a few more risks, grow your “E.I.” and find helpful mentors.

At the Em+Pact Company, the mission is to empower the inner goal digger inside every woman. And it’s their goal to inspire healthy choices that make an impact on lives everywhere.

After realizing a career in law didn’t align with her passion, Founder & Chief Goal Digger Melonie Derose launched her Em+Pact bars to give women a convenient and delicious way to get the nutrition and energy they need to achieve…anything.

Melonie has a lot to say about following your passion and making actionable goals that get you to where you want to be. But how should you start? We talk about that too.

Our discussion covers:

• Why you shouldn’t take yourself too seriously
• What to do when passion is lacking at your job
• Taking charge of fitness in a way that works for you
• How entrepreneurs learn to see solutions where others see problems
• Moving your business where the market actually is
• How you can make your business MISSION-focused, no matter what you sell
• Doing the work you love and sharing goals with your significant other
• How to get yourself to take beneficial risks and build confidence
• Increasing your emotional intelligence
• Feeling gratitude as a way of life, bring gratitude to others
• How to give yourself unto others in a way that helps you both
• Developing a woman-centered product and business in the food space
• Finding your own niche
• Growing into what you’re meant to do

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“The only way to get that confidence is to get out there and try and do it!”

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