Episode 155 – 10x Your Life With Christ: Thrive in All Areas Of Life With Carlos Rosales

Show Notes

Hey Dreamer!

In this episode of the Dream Cast, my guest Carlos Rosales shares his Christ-centered approach to being a business professional and encouraging others to do the same.

Through the devotional book he has created: 10X for Christ, Carlos combines the bible’s wisdom with his 35+ years of experience as a business leader. He is a facilitator for Convene in the Houston area, whose mission is to connect, equip and inspire Christian CEOs and business owners to grow exceptional businesses and become higher-impact leaders to honor God.

Listen to our episode now to learn:

• The multitude of lessons that the biblical story of Daniel has for business leaders
• How to be better connected, equipped, and inspired as a Christian CEO
• Ways to grow your business in a way that honors God


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