Episode 143 – Building a Business from Someone Else’s Beach House with Ed Mercer

Show Notes

Hey Dreamer!

I have one question for you today:

What would you do if you lost everything and only had 30 days to get back on your feet?

Could you make something happen and figure it out?

Life has certainly put up some challenges for my guest on the Dream Cast today. When life decided to put Ed Mercer on the streets, he used his marketing knowledge and his cellphone’s WIFI hotspot to get back on his feet.

Today, Ed trains entrepreneurs to succeed with his company LYIP International. If you want to be inspired to do whatever it takes to succeed in your business and get the lifestyle you want, you will LOVE listening to today’s episode!

Listen to learn:
• The difference between going through the motions to making movement in your business
• What it takes to show up every day to your business with excitement
• Why you need to  “fall in love” with your business!

Some amazingly valuable knowledge for you in this one! Listen now.

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