Episode 014 – Awareness & Alignment: The Secret to Your Purpose with Kate Butler

Show Notes

My guest today, Kate Butler is a #1 Best Selling Author, Certified Professional Success Coach and International Speaker. Kate has been featured on HBO, in the Huffington Post and many other news and radio platforms. I’m really excited to have her on today because when I met her at Jack Canfield’s Train the Trainer program, she stood out to me as someone particularly exceptional in a room full of exceptional people.

Kate has some great tips for us on how to build the important skill of listening to the signals given to us by the Holy Spirit. When you say “Yes” to those signals by pursuing them once you become aware of them, you will be going closer to the direction that you are meant to go in.

Hearing signals and saying “Yes” to them is a muscle you have to build. Here’s the classic example: When a book falls off the bookshelf, do you put it back? A person who is looking out for signals knows that books don’t usually just fall willy-nilly, they’ll read the book before putting it back on the shelf.

This signal happened for Kate when she attended a women’s retreat that kept popping up on her radar. Attending the retreat resulted in Kate undergoing an inner journey to find her calling, which turned out to be writing, speaking and coaching other people on how to have their own transformations and breakthroughs, identify their life’s mission and begin living on their highest path.

Kate’s current project is an inspirational book series containing her clients’ amazing triumphs, transitions, and journeys. The collection of inspirational stories by women Kate has mentored is on its third book in the series and I recommend you check it out!

Kate’s mission is to guide people to step into their light and ignite their life! For information on Kate’s inspirational books visit: katebutlercoaching.com/books
For information on 1:1 & group coaching work with Kate go to katebutlercoaching.com/miracles
For speaking and information on live events with Kate visit: katebutlercoaching.com/speaking

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