Episode 130 – The Secret to Selling with Chris Spurvey

Show Notes

“Selling” is something that most of us have mixed feelings about when getting started.

We want to sell successfully, but we don’t want to come across as pushy, sleazy, or salesy.

This alone has stopped countless entrepreneurs and potential sales superstars from getting started.

That’s why today’s episode of the Dream Cast is ALL about the secret to selling. The secret being: how to sell in a natural and positive way that is also extremely effective.

My guest is Chris Spurvey, a sales expert who has sold over $300 million in consulting services. He’s worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and professionals to close more business and create win-win relationships with clients.

You don’t want to miss what he has to say. It’s time to rewire your brain to see “selling” as something positive and even FUN! (Seriously.)

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