Episode 128 – Helping Women Achieve Better Health with Deeannah Seymour

Show Notes

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Now, here’s what you need to know about today’s episode:

My conversation with today’s guest revealed the perfect example of what happens when you allow God to guide you toward a new path.

It can feel uncomfortable to change what we’ve been doing in our daily lives, but that discomfort can often be a signal that you need to move toward it! For me, “getting uncomfortable” with where I was at is what allowed me to achieve everything I have to this day.

My guest on the show who perfectly exemplifies this is Deeannah Seymour, founder of pH-d Femenine Health. Deeannah left her corporate job to create a line of products that are helping women to achieve better health and self-confidence.

Our discussion was inspiring, heartful, intimate (you’ll see), and a great reminder that our minds hold the key to God’s will for us.

Learn more about Deeannah and her Femenine Health products at her pH-d’s website, https://www.phdfemininehealth.com

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