The perfect words to close every single client. Have you ever wondered what that might be? In today’s video, I’m gonna share with you what the secret sauce actually is.
Hey you guys, my name is Denise Walsh and welcome back to my channel. I am a former clinical psychologist turned business entrepreneur and have been helping people create, design and promote their products for the last 20 years. And I’m gonna give you a few tips that has taken my business to the next level and I recommend that you do this too. So, in order to get customers right, we have to get them to buy our products. In order to get them interested in our products, they need to know about our product.

So, it’s first about awareness and knowing that they exist and then it’s like, okay, now why would they want it and then it’s the actual sale. So there’s a couple of parts in this whole sales generation piece. It’s brand awareness, it’s letting people know that you’re out there and kind of casting a wide net, and then it’s bringing them into why they should actually purchase your product or service right? And then it’s the actual sale. So, the biggest thing I found with this three-part process, is that the more passionate and excited you are the more like of a wider net you’re gonna cast. You’re gonna be more excited to talk about your products or your service to cast a wide net, to spread your message so you can get in front of as many people as possible.

And because you’re so excited about it, because you’re overflowing with passion about your product or service, because you think everybody needs this, you know what I mean? When they’re ready, they’re gonna think about you. And when you get on the phone with them, you’re gonna talk to them just about why you love the product and how it is going to best serve them. You guys, the secret sauce in sales is selling a product you love then it doesn’t feel like sales anymore. It feels like you’re spreading a message that you know is gonna help the person who listens.

Use your product, fall in love with your product and allow that product to like seep into your bones so you talk about it so naturally, so excitedly, so passionately, that you cast a huge net so that when the people are ready, they think of you. And when you talk to them, you easily and effortlessly tell them why your service or product has benefited you and how it will benefit them too. Use your product, fall in love with your product, share your product everywhere. And I guarantee that passion is gonna be what clinches the deal or maybe pushes somebody over the fence and makes them say yes to you. I hope that this was helpful, if you want more free resources, check out my podcast called, Dream Cast. It’s on all major podcast players.

And if you haven’t yet, please download The Dream Life Action planner. It’s my time management tool that will help you take control of your calendar, so you actually get done what you say you wanna get done. And you can get that at In the comments below, please share with me one thing you do to increase sales in your business. And please subscribe and hit that notification bell and I’ll see you in the next video.

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