Episode 96 – Your Best Life After Menopause

Show Notes

As women, menopause is the biggest change our bodies will go through since puberty. But do we talk about it? Is it something to be embraced? Unfortunately our culture has placed a negative light on what it means to be a middle-aged woman. And the media doesn’t help much either; it feeds into our concerns in order to market to us better. We don’t feel as pretty as we once did….or as useful to society as we once were…or we fear that we are too old to dream once again.

Today’s guest has analyzed and uncovered the lies and messages being fed to women through the media. She has twenty-five years of experience as a brand strategist and knows the industry well.  During our interview, JuJu Hook, author of “Hot Flashes, Car Pools, and Dirty Martinis: The Quintessential Guide for Turning Midlife into PrimeTime” will give us a sneak peek into her book and share three of the six lies she feels middle-aged women are believing and how to move past them.

You’ll find great comfort in JuJu’s personal story about how she worked through menopause to live her best life. Now her mission is to help other women to do the same.

Join us today as JuJu covers the follwing topics with us:

~Learn how to integrate the negative voices in your head to move forward with your life.

~Discover the lies spoken over older women and use JuJu’s tricks to break the cycle.

~Find out the one question every middle-aged woman should be asking herself.

If you would like to learn more, check out JuJu’s website at www.JuJuHook.com or join her 21 Day Revolution at www.PositivelyPrimeTime.com. When you sign up, you’ll instantly be connected to an online community of other like-minded women and you’ll receive a daily motivational task to help you acheive your dreams. JuJu will even throw in her book and a workbook to jumpstart your success!

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