Episode 94 – The Neuroscience Behind Hypnosis

Show Notes

Does hypnosis REALLY work? And if so…HOW does it work?!

Today’s episode features Rick Paddock, a certified hypnotherapist of over 10 years. When he is not practicing hypnotherapy, he is educating others about the industry. He currently hosts the Mind Flipping Podcast, where he interviews world-class experts in hypnosis, neuroscience, meditation and life coaching. He specializes in helping others understand AND access the power and natural abilities of their mind.

In this episode, Rick will explain the neuroscience behind hypnosis through exploring it’s definition. Although there are a lot of misconceptions about the practice, but it is truly a skill that can help with future visualization, life coaching and relaxation, among other things. Many people even use this method as a means to renovate and update their mind!

Rick will show us how hypnosis can:

~Create a natural, hyper-focused state of mind excluding the outside world
~Usher your brain waves to a scientifically measurable position in your subconscious
~Provide you with a skill set that you can implement and improve upon…and even perform on yourself!

Equip yourself with the tools for a simple self-hypnosis today! Simply email rick@rickpaddock.com with “Dream Cast” in the subject line and he will send you a video, audio and pdf to get you started!  Feel free to check out his website at www.MidAmericaHypnosis.com as well.

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