Episode 93 – 10 Tips to Make Today the Best Day of Your Life

Show Notes

What do you think?! Is it possible to control whether or not we’ll have a good day — even when things aren’t going right? Could our responses positively effect our outlook on life, simply by the words we speak?

Today’s special guest is Adam Sobieski, Director of Sales for Best Day Of My Life, LLC. It all began when he asked his friend how his day was going. His response was always, “It’s the best day of my life!”  From there, it has turned into a lifestyle apparel company with a tagline that is applicable to many occasions — weddings, births, special events, and more!

Join us today as Adam helps us explore how we can have the best day of our lives. He will guide us through 10 tips that answer the following questions:

~Why is it a mistake to simply follow our passions?
~Where can we find the good in the day-to-day?
~How does helping others enhance our experiences?
~Why is it important to have mentors, comrades and proteges?
~What does it mean to be self-aware and how will that bring us joy?
~What is 1 way to motivate ourselves to look forward to the future?
~What 1 thing can we do to be fully present?
~Why is it imperative to focus on just 1 thing when starting out as entrepreneurs?
~How can we gain good rapport to the people around us?
~What is 1 way to feed our minds and stay inspired daily?

If you’d like to learn more about Best Day Of My Life, check out Adam’s website at www.BestDayOfMyLife.com or follow him on social media at www.facebook.com/BestDayOfMyLife and www.instagram.com/BestDayOfMyLife.

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