Episode 84 – Three Top Secrets for Speaking Your Personal Brand

Show Notes

We all have a message to share, but are people actually listening? How do you give an effective speech that separates you from the pack, brands you, and engages your listeners?

Let’s hear from Carol Cox, fellow entrepreneur and founder of Speaking Your Brand. Over the past three years she has been presenting workshops and providing one-on-one services to create a path to strengthen women’s voices. As a public speaking coach, she plans and develops content to create effective speeches. Her clients include people preparing for luncheons, panels, webinars, podcasts, keynote speakers and even TEDx Talk presenters (ahhhhhh…that’s on my dream board, friends)!

In today’s episode, we will explore some secrets to speaking your personal brand:

~Learn how to connect and engage your audience. Distinguishing the difference between dialogue vs. monologue.
~Discover why you should actually share LESS content that you think!
~Devise YOUR perfect signature talk using Carol’s FREE pdf at www.SpeakingYourBrand.com/dreamcast.

If you would like to stay connected with Carol Cox, you can find her at www.SpeakingYourBrand.com or check out her podcast (www.SpeakingYourBrand.com/podcast).

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