Episode 79 – How to Use Attraction Marketing to Find Your Perfect Audience

Show Notes

Wouldn’t it be awesome if business partners, customers and clients started seeking YOU out instead of the other way around? What if people came to you not only because of your products, but because of who YOU are and what you stand for? This is the beauty of Attraction Marketing. <br><br>

My guest today is Jen Johnson (jenjohnson.com), an expert in the field of Attraction Marketing.  Her business, Turn Purpose To Profit (turnpurposetoprofit.com), is all about helping people use their God given talents to serve their perfect audience while generating an income. Jen also encourages home based business builders who want lifestyles of faith, passion and purpose through her group facebook page (facebook.com/turnpurposetoprofit). <br><br>

In today’s episode, she will expand on the following Attraction Marketing techniques to enhance your marketing efforts: <br><br>

~ Determine your niche. What is something you have, do, or believe that others might relate to? <br>
~ Know your S.H.A.P.E. Spiritual Gifts, Heart, Abilities, Passion, Experience <br>
~ Exchange info for info. Provide people with something of value (download, pdf, podcast, ebook) so they can provide you with something of value (their email). <br>
~ Build a list!!! Connect on a regular basis and continue to add more people! <br><br>

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