Episode 77 – Serving Others: An Entrepreneurial Responsibilty

Show Notes

As successful business owners, we come to a spot where our deep specialty fulfills a deep need in the world. Wealth becomes something you aren’t necessarily chasing, it just comes naturally as we hone in on our skills and abilities.

Yet we should always be mindful that increased wealth goes hand in hand with increased responsibility. In Luke 12:48 Jesus says, “From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.”

My guest speaker today, AJ Wilcox, will talk about how we are faced with two choices when we accumulate abundant wealth. We can either use our money to lavish on ourselves or to help others around us.

AJ is the owner of B2Linked (www.b2linked.com), a company that specializes in LinkedIn Ads and holds the largest account in the world with that platform. Today he will share his amazing journey where he turned down a 6 figure income in corporate America to pursue the dream of working for himself.

On his website he states, “I started B2Linked because I saw incredible success using LinkedIn Ads when no one else was. I realized helping others excel at this platform was my calling.”

In this episode, AJ will encourage us to give back to the world through the following examples:

~ Take a chance on passionate people. Give them the opportunity to come alongside your business. If they show drive, skills can be learned later.

~ Find ways at be generous with your wealth. Support a local charity or serve on a Community Board. Share your time, talent and abilities with the people around you.

~ Own your unique strength. God has given you specific skills that were not meant to be kept to yourself! Work at it, perfect it, and use it to bless others!

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