Episode 75 – Why You Shouldn’t be Saving for Retirement

Show Notes

As Americans, we are TRAINED to store away a percentage of our wealth to create a “cushion”. We are conditioned to think that if we don’t put money into investments, a 401k, or an IRA….we will have a miserable end-of-life experience.

But is that true? Would we have any REGRETS about the way we handled our money?

My guest today is an expert at rejecting regret. Damion Lupo is a best selling author in personal finance and the host of Transformation Nation podcast. Damion was once the owner of a self-established 20 million dollar business in real estate…but then lost it all and actually found himself 5 million dollars in the hole! You will love his story about how he RECREATED his financial position and CHOSE not to live in regret, but to learn from it.

Damion now specializes in financial mentorship with the desire to help people become financially free through reinvention. He has sooooo many good nuggets to share with us today:

~Discover the Law of Awareness (see the opportunity and go do the work!)
~Find out the ONE question to get out of any funk in your business! He calls this “going conscious”.
~Learn how to change your money mindset by shifting your environment.
~Identify the difference between pain of discipline vs. pain of regret.
~Master the financial trifecta in order to gain both money and fulfillment.
~Expand your money mindset on the issue of retirement!

If you’d like to learn more about financially reinventing yourself, check out www.DamionLupo.com. You may also be interested in his best selling books:

Reinvented Life

Total Control Financial Guide to the QRP: How to get Checkbook Control of your 401K ROLLOVER Money Now!

The QRP for Land Investors: How to Create 100 Years of Tax Free Wealth

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