Episode 74 – Increasing Self-Love in a Selfie World

Show Notes

We live in a world caught up in the art of perfection. Often the images we see on social media are the result of edits, crops, and filters. It’s easy to get caught up in the comparison trap where we can be left feeling miserable, depressed and unworthy….all because we are holding our lives up to altered images perceived as reality. But what if WE began to live a life unfiltered? What if WE decided to be completely comfortable as our raw, authentic selves?

My guest today has made this her life’s mission. Danielle Valeriano, owner of www.NoFilterLoveProject.com, is challenging others all across the globe to be content in their own skin. Her desire is that people would truly know, love and accept who they are and be able to express themselves freely without worry of judgement.

Danielle shares how she felt the need to hide/cover/alter her own appearance for many years due to a scar left on her chest from an open heart surgery she had at the young age of six. She spent much of her life feeling like she needed to avoid having her scar be seen in order to receive acceptance. It wasn’t until she went through some coaching that she was able to fully embrace and appreciate herself…imperfections and all…and now she wants that for others.

Danielle has pioneered this effort by creating programs for schools where she begins the discussion on self-love (The Selfie Effect, Stand Up 2 Bullying, and ACTiON Starts Now). She also heads up the Spark Workshop, a three-part series where she encourages you to 1. Ignite Your Power, 2. Spark Your Desire, and 3. Remove the Obstacles. Additionally, Danielle continues to bring awareness to this topic on social media through the hashtag campaign called #filterfreelovingme and through her podcast (nofilterloveproject.com/podcast).

I am really excited for her to share some tips on self-love with us today! It can be so easy to lose yourself in the daily grind of being a wife, a business owner, a mommy and every thing else we have going on. I think a little self-love is just what we need. Here’s what you’ll discover:

~How does noticing your trigger points (topics/feelings you tend to avoid) and vocalizing them allow you to better love yourself?
~What are some ways you can get to know and love yourself better?
~How can you empower your children to love who they are?

If you would like to connect with Danielle and learn how to be authentic and real with yourself and others, be sure to check her out at www.instagram.com/nofilterloveproject and do the #nofilterlovemeoneproject where you take ONE selfie and post it, unedited.

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