Episode 72 – The Parent Trap: Parenting VS Passion

Show Notes

One question I get a lot is, “How do you balance having a family while owning your own business?” No doubt — one of the hardest things about being a mom-preneur is finding the sweet spot where you feel you’re fulfilling your role as a parent but also have the freedom to pursue your dreams.

My guest today, Tara Oldridge, went through the same struggle when baby #1 arrived. Although she loved her little one to pieces, the idea of being a stay-at-home-mom felt like she was giving up on her passions in life. Deep in her heart, she always knew she had a message to share and envisioned herself speaking in front of crowds….but she just didn’t know what that looked like, especially now with a baby on her hip.

Thankfully she was surrounded by people like her fiance who encouraged her to follow her heart and pursue her life’s purpose. Tara also has an incredible, positive-thinking mindset that propels her forward. She was actually born into a family of multi-level marketers and learned from a very young age to embrace opportunity and DREAM BIG (whoot whoot!). And today, she is doing what she loves while raising a family.

Tara is a life and business coach whose passion is finding super successful moms who run their own businesses and are better moms BECAUSE of it….because they listened to their purpose and they launched it into their career. Her desire is to take your dreams and make them a reality….she is all about action and helping you get to that next level! She’s bold, she’s to-the-point, and she’s on your side! Everyone needs a coach like Tara in their corner. =)

In today’s episode she will share the importance of:

~Learning as you launch
~Positioning yourself to be “heart open”
~Knowing your blind spots

If you’d like to be coached by Tara, check out her website at www.taraoldridge.com. She has four amazing programs you can plug into depending where you are at in your journey: Pre-flight (6 weeks), Take Off (6 weeks), En Route (4 weeks), and Destination (consult). She also has a free quiz you can take called “Cut the Crap” where you can find out all the negative thoughts that are holding you back: http://taraoldridge.com/free-quiz/

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