Episode 70 – Building a Business Based On Babies

Show Notes

Before giving birth, I remember people telling me that I would be really tired as the baby adjusted to a sleep schedule. And boy, were they right! Seriously, I think every new mom goes through the “zombie stage” — and, unfortunately, some stay there longer than others. I think most would agree that sleep deprivation can ruin almost everything in life.

My guest today knows this struggle all too well and has been using her skill set to help others fight the battle. Cara Dumaplin is a neonatal nurse, a wife to a pediatrician, a mom of four, and the founder of Taking Cara Babies where she works as the “Baby Sleep Expert”. She provides tools and strategies for countless families to get their babies sleeping well.

What I love about Cara’s story is that she did not begin her journey looking to make money. She genuinely has a heart to love parents well and to get their babies back on track with sleeping. This started out as a personal endeavor to find evidence-based research to get her own baby to sleep, but has since developed into the world’s #1 newborn class on the web.

For all my fellow entrepreneurs, you’ll enjoy the tips she shares about how her business grew from three pigs in a parking lot to rooms so full she decided to offer her services on the web. In today’s episode, you will discover:

~The power of “loving well” and what it can do for your business.
~Why you should NEVER set a time limit on your success.
~How she has cultivated a following of 50k+ followers on instagram.

If you would like to connect with Cara, you can follow her at www.TakingCaraBabies.com/insta or www.facebook.com/TakingCaraBabies. Her website is also very helpful and you can even schedule a phone consult! www.TakingCaraBabies.com.

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