Episode 67- Paleo Treats: A 10-Year Overnight Success

Show Notes

Have you ever done the Paleo diet? If so, did you find it hard to create your own healthy treats to satisfy your sugar cravings? How did you do it without breaking your dietary commitments?

Today’s guests, Nik Hawks and Lee Selman, can attest to this struggle. They jumped on the Paleo train over a decade ago….but that was when it wasn’t much of a “thing”. Back then, there were no treats to buy at the store or dessert recipes to try that actually tasted great. So in 2009 they decided to create Paleo Treats (www.paleotreats.com), pre-made treats for people on the Paleo diet.

Nik and Lee are certainly not new to the entrepreneur scene or taking big risks. You will enjoy hearing their amazing adventures which include a walk across the Sahara dessert by foot, several years as a Navy Seal, photojournalism in Nicaragua, and several business start-ups. Through it all, they have found that success is failing forward and have learned every step of the way.

Now Paleo Treats is regarded by Fed Ex as one of the top 10 small businesses in the country and they have even been given a position on their advisory board! Paleo Treats ships direct to the consumer, buts is also located in 50 stores throughout the country. You can even find them on Amazon!

In this episode, Nik and Lee will help fellow entrepreneurs and business owners to:

~Learn that rejection is actually protection! You will be steered in the right direction based off even your “no’s”.
~Realize that you need to stay filled up by connecting with something that brings you joy. Only then will you be able to give your best self to others!
~Trust your intuition and then take a step forward

If you would like to try out some of Nik and Lee’s tasty treats, head on over to their website www.paleotreats.com. When purchasing, please be sure to enter “dreamcast” for a 10% discount on your order! You can also follow them on their business page at www.facebook.com/paleotreatsfan.

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