Episode 62 – Three Online Marketing Techniques Everyone Should Be Doing

Show Notes

We live in a day and age where online marketing is necessary to owning a successful business. Although many realize the NEED to master the art of getting their name out there on social media, let’s face it…. it can be a completely daunting task! Where do you start? How do you know if what you’re doing is effective? Can you learn the skills on your own, or do you need help?

Well, let me introduce you to my newest friend, Mariko Briley, co-founder of Yoobly. Her business does just that. She and her husband Dustin specialize in teaching entrepreneurs to predictably generate leads and attract amazing clients. Over the last decade, they have helped thousands of entrepreneurs massively scale their businesses by implementing highly specific lead generation techniques which their team has perfected after spending millions on Facebook advertising. Not only have they built multiple seven figure businesses, they have helped others by using the same marketing methodology.

In this episode, Mariko will share:

~ 3 ways to grow your online presence and build your empire
~ 2 questions every business owner should ask themselves in order to experience growth
~ 2 qualities necessary to excel when learning something new — like social media

If you would like to connect with Mariko, you can find her at https://www.facebook.com/Yoobly/, www.yoobly.com, www.twitter.com/yoobly, www.instagram.yoobly

Be sure to check out her book that will hit the shelves later this year called, “Social Marketing Made Easy”.

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