Episode 60 – When God Bails You Out with Carlos Kulas-Dominguez

Show Notes

I’ve known Carlos Kulas-Dominguez for YEARS but never knew about the event that changed his life until he shared with me just recently! His story of healing, hope and forgiveness is so inspiring and deserves to be shouted from the roof tops! His journey begins as a child growing up in inner-city Detroit surrounded by violence, gangs and drugs…yet striving for a better life, setting goals and achieving them.

Eventually, feelings of invincibility set in and he acquired a “larger than life” mentality. That is, until something devastating shook his world and changed the trajectory of his life. Through the healing process, he uncovered layer upon layer needing repair in his quest for total health and wholeness.

If you are in a place where you feel invincible (everything is going well, you are serving and doing good things, you are accomplishing things you set out to do) and yet you still feel a sense of emptiness, today’s episode will not disappoint.

Carlos will share how the following principles may help you in recovery as it did for him:

~Admitting you are powerless and surrendering your will to God
~Letting go of vices that hide your insecurities and begin working on deeper issues
~Learning to live outside of your comfort zone to truly receive the help you need
~Finding a place where you can relate to others in the same struggle, yet challenge yourself to change

If his story has touched your life, please feel free to reach out and “friend” Carlos Kulas-Dominguez on facebook (https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=686625975). He is an amazing person and would love to continue to be an encouragement to you!

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